Anime Club is a true “home away from home” when it comes to loving anime. The club originally started in 2006, and is growing bigger every year, bringing together everyone from freshman to seniors. Meetings are held in room 234/235 and normally last about an hour. All are welcome and the activity buses will offer anyone interested transportation home.

If you don’t know what anime is, it is a form of media similar to cartoons but designed for a broader range of ages. The first anime aired in Japan in 1917. Some examples would include, Pokemon, Bleach, Dragon Ball Z and Ouran High School Host Club. Anime also comes in written form called Manga which, unlike western reading, it is read right to left. It occasionally can be read left to right, but that format is called Manhaw. Unlike most academic clubs at Chartiers Valley, you do not need to take a class to join Anime Club. So if you are interested in anime, manga or Japanese culture, come check us out next time you see a sign hanging in the hall!