If you want to learn a little about WordPress…read on

WordPress is a great site to begin a blog, or to keep followers up to date info for the club. Posting is simple and seriously would only take a couple minutes. For those that are interested in what you’re doing, they can follow the site and get updates and for those who can’t be bothered, they won’t receive that pesky e-mail or ‘poke’ on Facebook. (I’m looking at you Maura.) The formatting of the page can be changed easily to something else and if you want to, you can feature someone’s art as your pages “featured” image. (It would go behind CV Anime Club in the circle.) There are several ways to customize the page, adding different widgets and shtuff, but that’s up to you to figure out. Adding people is simple and you can assign them different roles. (Maura can explain since I explained it to her and I assume she was listening to me. Right Maura?) I would recommend the teacher, president, and secretary as admins, other officers as editors and general club members who want to write posts as contributors. Posts have several parts as well. There is the actual post, categories and tags, featured image, sharing, post format, and a couple other options. Categories and tags give extra ways to search and filter posts and pages. Featured images are well…images that will be featured on the post. Additional images can be inserted in the post itself. Sharing, well if you got any social media experience that’s pretty simple. Post format is if you want to format it differently. Like if you want the image or video to be the main point of the post. More options? Don’t worry about it. You can also schedule the post to post at a future date, or save it as a draft. That’s about it. If you got questions, let Maura know.

For an example on posts, (categories and tags, featured images and etc.) I made the post This…is…ANIME.


This…is…ANIME..cough..cough..and Manga

So there are a lot of people out there who have a tendency to say anime is just a cartoon and manga are just comic books, well they aren’t. (And by the way, for all of you who didn’t know…cough Maura cough…the plural of anime is anime and the plural of manga is manga.) There is a long history behind both forms of entertainment as well as the way each are styled and produced. That is all. This post was created so y’all would know what a post would look like. =P